My Physical Experience From God

Here is my response to a scientist gentleman in San Francisco times, who was saying aliens are here on earth but we may not know it yet. He was basing a lot of his theories on evolution & ommiting God. My response follows:

" Aliens are probably demons. I would not trust evolution and ommit God when you are discussing his creation.

My personal experience hopefully would help you or someone to give God a chance!

I have experienced, God's promises physically, many many times. I will share one example where, I physically felt the Holy Spirit come into me with tingling sensations & bubbles in my belly, that rose up to my tongue. I also had other beautiful sensations, physically, that I can't describe. I broke out speaking in different language ,that I don't understand,which called speaking tongues in the Bible. I did NOT FORCE THIS OR CONCOCT it, bam it just happened as we were in a prayer group and I wasn't expecting this to happen to me. But the prayer meeting was for baptism of the Holy Spirit and two or three people received the same similar experiences not exactly like mine so if you want evidence here is an evidence physical evidence ,tangible evidence for the reliability of the Bible.I

It'is way easier to believe God is real & he has made a way to save people from Hell, through accepting his son Jesus Christ. I did not néed evidence to believe in God, only faith was needed. However, once I believed, I have experienced uncountable tangible evidences that the Bible is True!

What I shared above is just one example ,millions of people have experienced so many things that proves to them that God exists.

Anyway, all I have to say to this scientists that are talking about aliens, evolution & all kind of stuff is, try Jesus! You'll never lose if you try Jesus. You probably will become a better scientist or person after that, anyway 😁

The stakes are too high not to try Jesus ! Heaven is real

but so is hell !! "


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