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Saying No To Jesus = Hell By Default

What does it mean to say No to Jesus, your creator who loves you & knew you before you were formed in your mothers womb! ....WHAT does it mean to say No to Jesus. Well...... Rejecting or saying No to Jesusu or God, means the following by default:  No to Jesus means Yes to Satan  No to Jesus means saying  No to entering heaven No to Jesus means saying  Yes to entering hell No to Jesus means saying  Yes to living miserable life on earth filled with hate,j jealousy, anger, resentment & all ugliness .. .....and then you  die & Go to HELL FOREVER!!! REALLY bad deal! SMH OR  No to Jesus means saying  SAYING YES to emtyness even when rich , have no joy even when you laugh, no peace even when it quiet and beautiful around you..... Etc etc IS THIS WHAT WANT TO LIVE IN MISERY OR SEMI HAPPY WITH NO JOY OR PEACE AND EMPTY WHILE ON EARTH....THEN YOU DIE & REALIZE YOU MISSED HEAVEN...YOU WONT GO TO BLISSFUL HEAVEN A PLACE OF PERFECTION WITH  ZERO EVILS OF EARTH 🌎 OR ANY EVIL OF ANY

Lady Had A Vision Of Jesus (Gave her warning for everyone!) Please listen to this lady pleading with humanity! Pleading with world! Please be wise & heed her warning!  People are so distracted by stupid debates and a million other things...NOTHING MATTERS but your eternal destination! If you don't know for sure where you will spend eternity Heaven or Hell then, you are in the worst position any human being could ever be in! Please share this website :  Share all links & videos that are on this blog with your loved ones & everyone!  To make  sure you enter Heaven after earthly life! Heaven and Hell is FOREVER! Don't choose wrong, don't go to Hell.( Seriously!)...choose Heaven today! Check out the website I gave above for step by step guide to become saved & guarantee you will enter Heaven. Jesus is coming soon don't be caught unprepared. Hell is horrible check out but heaven is blissful! True stories below!  Jesus is coming, w