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Must Watch Anti stress, Anti depressant Best Gift Ever Best Experience Ever

 I have seen people experiencing complete bliss and joy…….& they say it is better than any high the have ever known. Without the side effects of drugs or addiction/ bad consequences. To a degree I have experienced this but I need to get deeper in it. In a dream two times I have experienced this & I was, blissfully happy joyful & my whole body felt really good & kept laughing a lot. In the dream I did not consume anything, it just happened. Anyway ,the people that have experienced it some of them say they make it happen almost at will, I think. It's spiritual gift that comes from Yeshua! One can achieve it through prayer or attending a gathering where people are experiencing it. I have heard some people doing that even over zoom. ALL good & perfect gifts come from up above”! That is to say from the creator! Trust me everything else will disappoint you! & It's a cheap copy of the real gift. The good news is , you can get the original gift of joy happines