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 I have seen people experiencing complete bliss and joy…….& they say it is better than any high the have ever known. Without the side effects of drugs or addiction/ bad consequences. To a degree I have experienced this but I need to get deeper in it. In a dream two times I have experienced this & I was, blissfully happy joyful & my whole body felt really good & kept laughing a lot. In the dream I did not consume anything, it just happened. Anyway ,the people that have experienced it some of them say they make it happen almost at will, I think. It's spiritual gift that comes from Yeshua! One can achieve it through prayer or attending a gathering where people are experiencing it. I have heard some people doing that even over zoom. ALL good & perfect gifts come from up above”! That is to say from the creator! Trust me everything else will disappoint you! & It's a cheap copy of the real gift. The good news is , you can get the original gift of joy happines

Children & Babies Do Not Go To Hell

 I want to clarify in one of the testimonies of visits to Hell one lady claimed seeing children in there( she is wrong and has received false vision or experience by demons) . This contradicts the Bible therefore it's to be rejected. Any testimony of visits of Heaven or Hell can not be accepted if it contradicts the Bible.  I only know of one lady who claimed that but almost all the testimonies I have heard never say seeing children in Hell.  The reason is described in the video by apostle Joshua Sulayman. The offender has to have a mature understanding of right and wrong. Or the person has to have been on or past age of accountability (which is different from child to child). Once the child grows and can defined discern right and wrong the he/ she has reached age of a accountability. To watch video click Read MoreπŸ‘‡

George Foreman's Saw Hell Say Learn About God

  George Foreman Saw Hell & He Says " Learn About God!!!" I agree !!! Invite Jesus to your heart, all you need is truly to follow Jesus from your heart no performance needed! Just get close to him like a friend talk to Jesus every day like a friend & he will guide you to do His will. When you have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus, you will be empowered to do his will. Best of all your eternal home will be blissful Heaven & NOT with the demons in Hell!  Choose Jesus & live regret free for eternity in Heaven! Learn about God/ Jesus today!

This Woman Shot Herself, Went To Heaven & Hell Then back To Earth Must Watch eye witness to realty of Heaven & Hell

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How To Be Saved & Enter Heaven

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. Romans 10:9-10

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Good News After Evil News - Food For Thought

Food for thought, a comment inspired after hearing a story of an evil woman killing her two kids, saying they were being abused so she wanted to stop their suffering! Which is crazy!   The devil lied to her & she was prone to believe it because she didn't have Jesus in her heart.  Jesus said " I am the truth, the way( to Heaven) and the life". If you don't have Jesus in your  heart, you can be deceived by the "father of lies" , the devil. That's what happened to this lady who murdered. My reader comment on the story:  " 😑😭😭😭If not mentally ill,  I have no words for your evil deeds. The devil is real people!, pray, guard your heart & follow God's rules so your conscience is not dull/seared.  Seared conscience will excuse all kinds of evil. IF this lady does not repent and turn to Jesus she will go to Hell !!! Don't tell me Hell is not real, where do you thing all the unrepentant  evil doers without Jesus, who are almost equally as

The Cross Can Make You Flawless!!


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