Good News After Evil News - Food For Thought

Food for thought, a comment inspired after hearing a story of an evil woman killing her two kids, saying they were being abused so she wanted to stop their suffering! Which is crazy! 

 The devil lied to her & she was prone to believe it because she didn't have Jesus in her heart.

 Jesus said " I am the truth, the way( to Heaven) and the life". If you don't have Jesus in your  heart, you can be deceived by the "father of lies"
, the devil. That's what happened to this lady who murdered.

My reader comment on the story: 

" 😑😭😭😭If not mentally ill,  I have no words for your evil deeds. The devil is real people!, pray, guard your heart & follow God's rules so your conscience is not dull/seared.
 Seared conscience will excuse all kinds of evil. IF this lady does not repent and turn to Jesus she will go to Hell !!! Don't tell me Hell is not real, where do you thing all the unrepentant  evil doers without Jesus, who are almost equally as evil as the devil himself will go after they die!? & Hell is forever! But Heaven is real too & forever!

 Choose Heaven! The only comfort I have now is in knowing the two kids are actually in Heaven where there is no evil, only eternal bliss. 
Imagine "Earth plus ", all the good of earth  without any evil of earth! That's Heaven! 

Choose Heaven today. You won't enter Heaven by default (unless you are a child)! Choose Heaven today! There is no other message  more important than what I shared with you on this comment! Everything is temporary, the only thing that exists forever is God, Heaven and Hell.  Your Spirit, Soul & Spiritual body also continues to exist after your physical body is dead! 

It is sooooo vital that you make sure you eternal home will be Heaven & NOT Hell ! Sorry for the long message. However,  you have time to hear and read all kind of garbage that won't have any eternal benefit to you! 
My comment can literally SAVE you from eternal Hell fire,  IF ( big IF) you value it and invite Jesus into your heart and continue to make Jesus your Lord & saviour. 

Learn more at: 
God bless you! πŸ™‚ " 

Please hear my appeal, invite Jesus into your heart! Follow the prayer at the top of every page to guarantee you enter Heaven. Ofcourse you have to continue your relationship with Jesus all your life and live holy & repent all the time when you fail.  Thank you! God bless you πŸ™πŸ™‚


  1. Thank you for sharing! A very powerful message! Nothing is more important than a person's eternal existence? In Heaven or in Hell? We all have a choice to make! Everyone please choose Heaven!


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