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 I have seen people experiencing complete bliss and joy…….& they say it is better than any high the have ever known. Without the side effects of drugs or addiction/ bad consequences. To a degree I have experienced this but I need to get deeper in it. In a dream two times I have experienced this & I was, blissfully happy joyful & my whole body felt really good & kept laughing a lot. In the dream I did not consume anything, it just happened. Anyway ,the people that have experienced it some of them say they make it happen almost at will, I think. It's spiritual gift that comes from Yeshua! One can achieve it through prayer or attending a gathering where people are experiencing it. I have heard some people doing that even over zoom. ALL good & perfect gifts come from up above”! That is to say from the creator! Trust me everything else will disappoint you! & It's a cheap copy of the real gift. The good news is , you can get the original gift of joy happiness blissfulness ( high if want to call it that). Yes things like weed etc will temporarily make you feel good but they have spiritual side effects …..for example drugs can open you up to demonic oppression! They also have physical side effects etc. Everything that did not come from the creator ( or did not give us time use) , or if it is anything that is provided to you by a fallen angel then, it's a knock off version of the true gift. It will be bad for you because it's from the fallen angel source. ( For example drugs , alcohol almost all the addicting items. )There is nothing that is perfectly good unless it comes to you from God ( the creator),Yoshua or the Holy Spirit. Everything else that seems perfect brings side effects and its bound to disappoint you eventually! Anyway, to me this experience people are having seems like heaven on earth from hearing people describe it. Zero side effects increases the good in your life your health & everything else. I would encourage everyone to pursue this especially considering, praying to Yeshua & having relationship with Him can guarantee your Spirit to enter into eternal bliss in Heaven after your earthly life is over.

The other option is while on earth, receive fake gifts from the fallen angel,which leads to disaster in this world while you are alive & disaster after you pass away in the spirit world. If I were you I would take the offer from Yeshua, pronto!, now! without delay. You never know when you will be gone from this earth!


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