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Children & Babies Do Not Go To Hell

 I want to clarify in one of the testimonies of visits to Hell one lady claimed seeing children in there( she is wrong and has received false vision or experience by demons) . This contradicts the Bible therefore it's to be rejected. Any testimony of visits of Heaven or Hell can not be accepted if it contradicts the Bible.  I only know of one lady who claimed that but almost all the testimonies I have heard never say seeing children in Hell.  The reason is described in the video by apostle Joshua Sulayman. The offender has to have a mature understanding of right and wrong. Or the person has to have been on or past age of accountability (which is different from child to child). Once the child grows and can defined discern right and wrong the he/ she has reached age of a accountability. To watch video click Read More👇

George Foreman's Saw Hell Say Learn About God

  George Foreman Saw Hell & He Says " Learn About God!!!" I agree !!! Invite Jesus to your heart, all you need is truly to follow Jesus from your heart no performance needed! Just get close to him like a friend talk to Jesus every day like a friend & he will guide you to do His will. When you have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus, you will be empowered to do his will. Best of all your eternal home will be blissful Heaven & NOT with the demons in Hell!  Choose Jesus & live regret free for eternity in Heaven! Learn about God/ Jesus today!