What ever you do in this life DON'T miss this message!

Hi,I am going direct to the point here so I don't waste your time. I want to ask
you questions that you really better have answers for. Most importantly, answers
that are in your favor.

Lets start:

1. You know you are going to die one day and are you ready for it!?

2. Most importantly, do you know where your spirit, soul or (whatever your
form of existence is) goes after you die? Do you have any ideal where you will
exist in a good place or bad? Will your existence be full of suffering or bliss?
Well let me make small comment here, I have news for you! What you do, while you
are alive in this world determines whether  you will live forever in bliss and
happiness free of torture pain and suffering  or you will be tormented and
suffer forever
. Yes what you do
while you are alive on this earth, determines that. When you are dead its too

3. Do you know what you have to do to enter the eternal bliss or happiness
and avoid the place of torment and suffering? It is not hard to know if you
humble your heart and listen to a book that details the simple instructions on
entering into eternal bliss and happiness after death and avoiding the place of

4. There is nothing more important in this world than the message I am giving
your right now! Do you think I am wrong? Well debate me...what else is more
important? other than your eternal destination where you can not return from?
Your  money? gold? diamond? pleasures of this world?  tell me...you
are here and gone tomorrow. So why not listen and follow the one who is
trying to save you from eternal suffering and a torture forever. Why
not listen and follow the one that is trying to help  you after you die. Yes your choice
while you are alive will decide if you will enter, after death, into a place of bliss
, joy, happiness and freedom from suffering forever. Why? What else
is more important? Think about it, I just shared with you that you wont have a
chance to change your mind after you die and slip into eternity. PLEASE STOP AND

5. What if you die right now wherever you are? You are sipping your coffee or
talking on the phone or asleep what if you find yourself awake in the other side ,
. Your spirit comes out and here you are looking at your dead body. You
have entered a point of no return...and judgment awaits you. You must have an
answer and I am going to share with you the simple answer. However, my sharing
wont mean anything if your don't accept the free gift, if you don't choose this
free gift you are choosing to condemn your spirit and soul that lives forever!

6. After I share with you the free information on how to enter into ETERNAL
BLISS and happiness after death and avoiding the PLACE OF TORMENT, you will have
a decision to be made in front of you. You can reject the gift that shows you
how to enter the place of ETERNAL BLISS and happiness thereby choosing to go to
the PLACE OF TORMENT. After death you must to go to one of the two places, there
is no escape. Let me ask you what else is more important while your are alive on
this earth other than ensuring, with absolute certainty - beyond Shadow of
doubt, that you will not go to a PLACE OF ETERNAL TORMENT, and ensuring that you
will enter the place of ETERNAL BLISS and joy? NOTHING!! is more important.  

7. Let me ask you do you know how to make sure you enter Heaven & not end up in Hell after death? Well, let me tell you, if you are not sure. First of all, it's 100% FREE gift & all paid for. Wow!!! That is really GOOD NEWS! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ACCEPT THIS FREE GIFT BELIEVE IT & TAKE IT! How easy is that? Very easy. So here is how you guarantee entrance into heaven. 
JESUS SAID IN THE BIBLE, I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE NO ONE CAN COME TO THE FATHER( which is GOD) EXCEPT THROUGH ME( which is JESUS). GOD is in Heaven and here Jesus is saying you need to have Jesus to enter where God is, which is Heaven. So here is you answer.
You have to accept JESUS as your personal savior if want to ENTER HEAVEN. IF you want to accept this free gift to enter Heaven after death please say the following confession or statement. Right now by saying it audibly as follows, you will be making the BEST decision anyone can make, you will enter Heaven, after death, if you repeat this prayer right now audibly:
 " Lord JESUS I accept you now as my Lord and savior. I believe what the Bible says that you died for my sins so that I can enter Heaven, freely by accepting your sacrifice for me. Help me follow you all my life, help me to be righteous and holy. Help me to stay faithful to you and maintain my salvation by following your instructions in the Bible. Fill me with you Holy Spirit. I thank you for making me your child now, in Jesus name Amen." Welcome new child of God and new citizen of Heaven!!!
The next step is to grow in your faith, by reading the Bible, worshiping and always praying to Jesus ( talking to him like you talk to a friend). Also, soon go to a solid BIBLE believing church, preferably a church where the power of God is manifested in healing, miracles, in signs and wonders. Join such church it could be small or big it wont matter. There is many good churches, pray for God to lead you into his best choice for you.


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