Spiritual And Physical Protection And Blessing Through Worship

 Glory be to God! He saved us from burglers! I was in deep worship on one Friday  which I havent done in a while..in middle of worshipping with worship song playing tears suddenly run down my cheeks. It was very unusual and it was sudden, I was not sad, all I can say is I was moved by the spirit of God. Sure I have cried in the past while in worship but this was different. I did  not know why but I kept praying in the spirit and worshipped. I felt Gods presence invade the atmospher I was in. I love  the presence of the Lord!! I love the Holy Spirit!

Saturday around 1pm, two thievs attempted to enter our home when my family that was at home called police and one was caught on the spot. They have very good description of the other one. These two burglers have been eluding the police for sometime. Glory to God they got caught at our house after successfully performing several burgleries.(at least one got caught) but the other one will be caught soon, I believe his friend will lead them to him. At least they know will who they are looking for. 

I Just wanted to say it occured to me, that the deep worship I did on Saturday was spirit lead, and God by his grace was fighting for my family by releasing his angels via worship!!! 

I forgot about it for weeks and suddenly it really hit me, weeks later. I journal my dreams, revealation & any special experiences God allows me to have. Also,  I had emailed my self about the protection of  God.

 People, there is power in worshiping the Lord God, our savior Jesus and the Holy Spirit!!! Please continue to worship the Lord...in spirit and truth. You will see mighty things happen in your life.

God bless you all. Email me if you have questions.


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