My Physical Experience From God

Here is my response to a scientist gentleman in San Francisco times, who was saying aliens are here on earth but we may not know it yet. He was basing a lot of his theories on evolution & ommiting God. My response follows: " Aliens are probably demons. I would not trust evolution and ommit God when you are discussing his creation. My personal experience hopefully would help you or someone to give God a chance! I have experienced, God's promises physically, many many times. I will share one ex ample where, I physically felt the Holy Spirit come into me with tingling sensations & bubbles in my belly, that rose up to my tongue. I also had other beautiful sensations, physically, that I can't describe. I broke out speaking in different language ,that I don't understand,which called speaking tongues in the Bible. I did NOT FORCE THIS OR CONCOCT it, bam it just happened as we were in a prayer group and I wasn't expecting this to happen to me. But the prayer me

Spiritual And Physical Protection And Blessing Through Worship

 Glory be to God! He saved us from burglers! I was in deep worship on one Friday  which I havent done in a middle of worshipping with worship song playing tears suddenly run down my cheeks. It was very unusual and it was sudden, I was not sad, all I can say is I was moved by the spirit of God. Sure I have cried in the past while in worship but this was different. I did  not know why but I kept praying in the spirit and worshipped. I felt Gods presence invade the atmospher I was in. I love  the presence of the Lord!! I love the Holy Spirit! Saturday around 1pm, two thievs attempted to enter our home when my family that was at home called police and one was caught on the spot. They have very good description of the other one. These two burglers have been eluding the police for sometime. Glory to God they got caught at our house after successfully performing several burgleries.(at least one got caught) but the other one will be caught soon, I believe his friend will lead them to

This Lady Saw Jesus He Gave her A Message! Be Rapture Ready!

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Forgiveness Comments 🤔

May God give us the grace to forgive and have peace. For sure hate & unforgiveness are some of the most miserable 😖 feelings I have ever experienced. When I forgive the hate goes away😁 & I feel so much peace and joy that I let God handle my battles. God knew what's best for us while on earth that's why he said love one another and forgive.  Also remember Unorgiveness & hate will block all blessings God wants to give you. Above all not forgiving and hate can put your salvation at could miss Heaven and go to Hell if these sins are not dealt with through repentance. That is a big deal !!!

I Went To Hell Real Testimony Of Prophet Ubert Angel

Prophet Ubert Angel Visits Hell


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Saying No To Jesus = Hell By Default

What does it mean to say No to Jesus, your creator who loves you & knew you before you were formed in your mothers womb! ....WHAT does it mean to say No to Jesus. Well...... Rejecting or saying No to Jesusu or God, means the following by default:  No to Jesus means Yes to Satan  No to Jesus means saying  No to entering heaven No to Jesus means saying  Yes to entering hell No to Jesus means saying  Yes to living miserable life on earth filled with hate,j jealousy, anger, resentment & all ugliness .. .....and then you  die & Go to HELL FOREVER!!! REALLY bad deal! SMH OR  No to Jesus means saying  SAYING YES to emtyness even when rich , have no joy even when you laugh, no peace even when it quiet and beautiful around you..... Etc etc IS THIS WHAT WANT TO LIVE IN MISERY OR SEMI HAPPY WITH NO JOY OR PEACE AND EMPTY WHILE ON EARTH....THEN YOU DIE & REALIZE YOU MISSED HEAVEN...YOU WONT GO TO BLISSFUL HEAVEN A PLACE OF PERFECTION WITH  ZERO EVILS OF EARTH 🌎 OR ANY EVIL OF ANY

Lady Had A Vision Of Jesus (Gave her warning for everyone!) Please listen to this lady pleading with humanity! Pleading with world! Please be wise & heed her warning!  People are so distracted by stupid debates and a million other things...NOTHING MATTERS but your eternal destination! If you don't know for sure where you will spend eternity Heaven or Hell then, you are in the worst position any human being could ever be in! Please share this website :  Share all links & videos that are on this blog with your loved ones & everyone!  To make  sure you enter Heaven after earthly life! Heaven and Hell is FOREVER! Don't choose wrong, don't go to Hell.( Seriously!)...choose Heaven today! Check out the website I gave above for step by step guide to become saved & guarantee you will enter Heaven. Jesus is coming soon don't be caught unprepared. Hell is horrible check out but heaven is blissful! True stories below!  Jesus is coming, w

8 min video Avoid Hell and Enter Heaven True Story Amazing

23 Minutes in Hell 8 min version
I have watched many stories,on the web, of people who died and came back after visiting Heaven and Hell. There is an urgency in my spirit to WARN people. I wanted to join in sounding the ALARM, to teach people to avoid Hell and enter Heaven. My first life changing documentary I watched, about reality of Heaven and Hell was titled "To Hell and Back" on TV. Just as the BIBLE teaches, hell is real and the ONLY way to avoid it is by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. Please read John3:16. Please WATCH on the links below REAL testimonies of people who witnessed untold torment of Hell and the joy and bliss of Heaven. Please choose HEAVEN. After death, there is no chance to change your mind. AFTER DEATH,YOUR CHOICE YOU MADE BEFORE DEATH, CAN NOT BE CHANGED FOREVER! If you fail to choose Heaven and find yourself in Hell, it would be too late the bible says its eternal and the choices can not be changed. Don't mock the bible,please take it seriously and believe what it sa

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What ever you do in this life DON'T miss this message!

Hi,I am going direct to the point here so I don't waste your time. I want to ask you questions that you really better have answers for. Most importantly, answers that are in your favor. Lets start: 1. You know you are going to die one day and are you ready for it!? 2. Most importantly, do you know where your spirit, soul or (whatever your form of existence is) goes after you die? Do you have any ideal where you will exist in a good place or bad? Will your existence be full of suffering or bliss? Well let me make small comment here, I have news for you! What you do, while you are alive in this world determines whether  you will live forever in bliss and happiness free of torture pain and suffering  or you will be tormented and suffer forever . Yes what you do while you are alive on this earth, determines that. When you are dead its too late. 3. Do you know what you have to do to enter the eternal bliss or happiness and avoid the place of torment and suffering? It